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Video Recipe : Iron & Protein Packed Smoothie


Happy Monday! Did you have a great weekend? In today’s video I demonstrate a smoothie with hemp. Hemp seed is a relatively new addition to my diet but it truly a wonderful raw superfood for many reasons:

  • supplies more levels of iron than red meat or flax seed
  • greatest source of protein in the vegetable kingdom
  • hemp is NEVER genetically modified
  • is an ideal balance of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • can be purchased in seed, oil or flour form – seeds can be hulled or unhulled.
  • can be assistive for people with high cholestrol, blood pressure, blood sugar obesity, constipation, fatigue & depression
  • also great for weight loss as it provides long term appetite satisfaction (similar to chia seeds)

In the video I say we only need 4 teaspoons a day – I meant 4 tablespoons – I ALWAYS  get tablespoons and teaspoons confused!!! Vitamin C consumption always enhances the bodies ability to absorb iron when consumed together so the following recipe although includes plenty of iron in the hemp and spinach, the berries compliment perfectly by providing the Vitamin C needed.

Iron & Protein Packed Smoothie

2 frozen bananas 1 cup of strawberries (fresh or frozen) 1 cup of raspberries (fresh or frozen) 1 cup of packed spinach (fresh or frozen) 1/2 cup of hemp seeds (mine are hulled) 3 cups of water If you are in Australia, you might find it a little hard to get hold of hemp seeds, oil or flour but here are some suppliers:

If you are in Saudi or Bahrain, I have found hemp protein powder brand name V-Pro (hemp flour) in the compound commissary, Lulu in Saudi and also in Al Hosra in Bahrain.

25 comments on “Video Recipe : Iron & Protein Packed Smoothie

  1. Robyn, people can also order hemp seeds online. My store, Raw Earth Superfoods sells it in bulk and the prices are pretty decent (of course they are!) We do ship internationally and also sell wholesale. Love your video, shared it with my friends. Love ya!!! p.s. you look marvelous!!!

    • Of course Linda! I forgot about your store!!! Do you know if they will get through quarantine in Australia? We have some pretty weird rules there. Fancy having to say that the hemp products are ONLY for pet consumption. Thanks for your kind words. Miss ya! xx

  2. Looks yummy Robyn!! I've started to add hemp to my smoothies and am loving it. Just a note to say that Conscious Choice in Australia also sell hemp seeds which is where I get mine. xxx

    • Yeah I agree with you. My freezer is full of them too but it is slowly dwindling – I usually stock up when abroad on work trips but now my wings have been clipped I will have to rely on mail order or friends to bring it in if I cannot find it locally (always a challenge in this part of the world haha).

      Amazon might be a good idea for me too.

  3. Hey there gorgeous lady! Fabulous video; you speak so eloquently and some across as so friendly and approachable. I'm thrilled to know there'll be more of these videos in future! :)

    Would you believe I actually gasped in delight when you put in the frozen spinach? I've been considering whether that's an option because baby spinach really is very expensive for me on my budget, particularly when I look for the organic kind. And now I have a vitamix that can power through frozen spinach, hurrah! 😛 I love that you use strawberries and I'll have to try that myself, as while I love raspberries I've found that using only raspberries makes the smoothie a bit too acidic for my liking. My current favourite uses blueberries and banana, but hopefully I can try this one soon! Can't help laughing about the petfood hemp too… sure, we can have all kinds of additivies and preservatives and chemicals in our supermarket food, but natural seeds are bad for us… *giggle*

    • Aw thanks Hannah! I find raspberries a bit tart on their own so I do like pairing them with something a little sweeter if I can find. And YES go the frozen spinach darling! You'll be popeye in no time hehe.

      And yeah crazy about the hemp eh. I think it's got something to do with it's connection to marijuana even though I believe they are different types of the same species???

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