The Rawsource

RAW Gingerbread Men


Dehydrator (optional) and cookie cutters


12 x 8cm tall gingerbread men


1 cup hazelnut meal (hazelnuts ground to a fine powder in a blender or coffee grinder)

½ cup almond flour

½ cup maple syrup

6 Tbsp date paste

1 Tspn ginger spice

¼ tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp ground clove

½ tsp lemon juice

¼ tsp salt

1 Tbsp water

1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Place all dry ingredients in a bow and stir until combined well

2. Place all ingredients (including the dry ingredients) into a food processor fitted with the S blade and process until ingredients form a stick ball.

3. Roll the dough out onto a non stick board (or else flour with almond or coconut flour) to create a non stick surface and create the desired shapes

4. Dehydrate for 10+ hrs on 110Fº or until desired texture. We liked ours chewy.


Without a dehydrator: you may wish to turn this into balls or form into cookie shapes and freeze until you want to consume.

Note: I really wanted to create a raw frosting to go with this men, but didn’t think they needed it, and i also ran out of time but you could play around with a cashew cream or a coconut butter based frosting to create faces and buttons if you wish!

What Christmas treats would you like to make/see replicated in raw form this year?



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