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Lemon & Mint Juice

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10 minutes
| Servings: Serves 4

I juiced 5 lemons in my trusty Champion Juicer whilst my bunch of mint was rinsing in my sink. Can you believe how strong the smell of mint in your kitchen can overpower your whole house? It was delicious and made me feel like I was on holidays having a Mojito in the Carribean. When the lemons were juiced I took about 2 cups of mint leaves (no stalks) and blended them with additional water and lemon juice. As I know most restaurants use a sugar syrup to sweeten the delicacy I chose to add a tiny amount of raw agave nectar instead. I think raw honey would work just as well, of if you dare, try a couple of dates which are so plentiful in this area. This drink was a hit at my last dinner party. Really it is a stayer!



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