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Jet Lag Smoothie

Heather Poole, one of my favourite Flight Attendant Bloggers and also an upcoming author of a tell all book of essays of her experience in the skies over the last 14 years, recently asked me to put together a recipe using cherries to coincide with her latest giveaway of a travellers kit, including you guessed it, CHERRIES!

According to Heather “What you probably already know is jet lag can be cured by taking melatonin. What you may not know is tart cherries contain a significant amount of melatonin.” So if you are like my many flight attendant buddies or even my pal Erin and you need an instant cure for jetlag, perhaps you need to give this recipe a try.

With the Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake doing the rounds over the internet of late by my Soul Sista Kristen, I was hard pressed trying to come up with something original as it was hard to beat the genius of that BOMB drink. But I think I did ok. It ends up having a frozen yoghurty consistency. And it’s VEGAN :)



Blend all ingredients on high in a high-speed blender and serve with a cherry on top!

Serves 3 – 4



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