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Everyday Green Juice

I get asked often, what is in my daily green juice and it rarely changes from day to day with the exception of some slight variations (added ginger, parsley, maybe beetroot, different greens etc) based on availability but I tend to stick to this same recipe each day and drink at least two large glasses or more if I can.

Sometimes i will keep the vegetable pulp to make into vegetable crackers however not usually and it tends to end up on the compost heap instead, although I do want to get much better at reusing the pulp in the future. A secret is you can freeze it for later use and add it to ground nuts, seeds, flavourings to make your dehydrated crackers. Something I need to get on to!

Everyday Green Juice


Makes 1.5 litres depending on your juicer and size of your produce

Half a bunch of kale, spinach, silver beet, or other dark green leaf vegetables

1 whole romaine/cos lettuce

2 stalks of celery

2 small cucumbers (or 1 cup of chopped cucumber)

1 peeled lemon

1 golden delicious apple (optional – sometimes I omit this but for newbies you will most likely prefer the sweetness)

Place 1 or 2 ice cubes in the juicer catcher jug or glass to help preserve the juice as it is produced. Heated juice begins to oxidise more rapidly.

Place all ingredients in your juicer (I usually have ice in the jug and store or drink as required)

If your juicer is not specifically designed to juice greens, I usually roll them up tightly into a ball size that will fit into the chute, and place it between other produce I am juicing like the cucumber, apple and lemon, to help juice it more efficiently.

If you’d like to learn more about the health benefits of juicing here are some great films to look out for:

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

The Gerson Miracle


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