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How to Wash Non Organic (Conventional) Produce


I’ve spoken about veggie washes for inorganic/non organic produce before on the blog, but often get asked how do I handle the lack of organic produce here in the barren desert, so here’s something you can try at home too.

Lemon/Baking Soda Wash

1 Tbsp. lemon juice – (natural disinfectant) 2 Tbsp. baking soda (neutralises the PH level of pesticides)

Vinegar/Salt Wash

1/4 cup vinegar (cleans the fruits and vegetables and neutralizes most pesticides)
2 Tbsp. salt (draws out dirt and insects)

Lemon/Vinegar Wash

1 Tbsp. Lemon juice – (natural disinfectant) 2 Tbsp. Vinegar (cleans the fruits and vegetables neutralizes most pesticides)


Just fill a sink or a large bowl with water and the above ingredients (depending on the method you choose) and let the vegetables sit for about 20 minutes then rinse or else you can fill an empty water bottle and spray onto your produce and then rinse and wipe.


21 comments on “How to Wash Non Organic (Conventional) Produce

  1. thank you!!!! this is amazing and so insightful!!!!

    i have been wondering how to wash non organic produce…i bought a spray…but i want to make my own…it's less expensive…and healthier for sure!!!

    have fun at the party darling!!!

    • You are completely right! I was thinking that right before I posted it and ummed and ahhed then I was racing out I forgot to check it. Thanks :)

  2. thanks for some great ideas for washing veggies – I've never been sure what to wash them with in the past.

    I have read however that soaking the veggies will result in the loss of some nutrients. Still I guess there's no reason not to give them a quick soak and scrub in one of the washes you suggested.

    • I guess it depends on the fruit or vegetable. I don't really soak them all for too long, but say things like strawberries which are quite porous, I only really dip them. Strawberries, I also try to eat organically as they are usually one of the most pesticide ridden, but sometimes I've just gotta have one :)

  3. Thanks for sharing…..I love these easy solutions where you can just pick something out of your pantry and use it for something else. I use apple cider vinegar and baking soda as a "clarifying shampoo" – best damn shampoo ever!

  4. Thanks for this!! Just wondering if it's baking soda or baking powder? The photo shows baking powder but the written form says baking soda.

    • Hiya Dawn. I know they are different items however they both work the same at neutralising the chemicals so either will work. I sometime say one when I mean the other, but in this case it's ok.

  5. Very helpful, thanks. Curious though, does one wash work better than other for certain types of vegetables? Like one for greens (like cilantro) but a different one for carrots?

  6. Thanks for the tip.Just wondering I was always washing only with salt. Do you think that wasn't enogh to clean the pesticide?

  7. Growing up I was always careful about washing fresh fruits and veggies because of my intense allergies..but to know these healthy items could be contaminating me anyway or cause cancer is truly sad. Maybe Michelle Obama s childhood obesity intiative should look into this as well since the major recommendation is to replace processed foods with fresh we need to teach our children how to properly clean these foods to prevent any further harm.


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