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How to Store Your Juice

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What about spoiling/oxidisation? Isn’t it best to drink your juice immediately to ensure no spoilage and maximum enzyme/nutrient hit?

Sure but for those busy people (and people that hate the juicer clean up every morning) there is a solution.

If you store the juice correctly, you can actually store it for up to 3 days without too much damage.

So here’s what you do:

You will need:

A glass jar/s of some kind (large enough to fit you juice) canning jars with 2 piece lids like Ball are great.


Fill the jar ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP with even a little overflow (you want this airtight)



Place first part of lid on top. You want to create a vacuum seal. Best to have a little overflow of juice to make sure. If you don’t have a 2 part lid system, you will then want to cover the juice with cling/plastic wrap but ENSURE there are no air bubbles


Cover with 2nd lid and secure tight. If you are using cling/plastic film, then place your only lid over the top.



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