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Liz Schiller

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After leaving the corporate world to focus on my health and my family, little did I realise that nourishing my body would become a passion, along with sharing how simple it is to prepare delicious healthy food in minutes. I have nursed myself to better health with the assistance of Naturopaths, good food and vitamins as my medicine. I used to think I ate healthy, but my energy was non existent and I suffered Adrenal Fatigue among other things. I quit my Human Resources profession and decided to concentrate on my health, marriage and raising my family. It was the hardest thing and the best thing I could have done. In 2012 I made the decision to shed some weight and gain more energy, small changes made such a difference. And after 8 weeks I was feeling so good, my new found energy was like a drug and I wanted more. Under the guidance of a wonderful Naturopath (whom I will speak very highly of), I did 3 cleanses a year (avoiding cow dairy, red meat, caffeine, gluten, wine, and sugar) and it had a profound impact on my lifestyle. The most important thing that I learnt was that ‘you need to make it work for you’. So for my first 2 cleanses I ate 2 litres of goats milk yoghurt every week! Goats milk yoghurt is more easily digestible than cow’s, so although my portion sizes were way out the door, I still lost weight and felt great. Goats milk yoghurt was not my only vice during cleanse. I had a strong love of nuts, rice malt syrup, and raw cacao. But over time (a couple of years) they are no longer my vices. Instead I now crave greens! In fact I swore I would never try a green smoothie, but during my 2nd cleanse I gave it a whirl and I loved it. I surprised myself how good GOOD food tasted, and how great it made me FEEL. I am now in a place where I have oodles of energy to keep up with my family and keep up with Me! So come along for the ride with me, let us share our journey together and feel better for it. Awaken your taste buds and let your inner glow shine. Liz xx


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