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Janneke Williamson

Janneke Williamson

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Janneke Williamson is a certified holistic health coach, food blogger, mother and healthy cook. Mother Nourish is all about finding balance between tantalising the tastebuds and a focus on optimum nourishment. Healthy made delicious. Whole foods. Traditional methods. Modern twist. Janneke loves laughing, making ferments, cooking and eating with her family. She lives in Bondi with her husband, son and veggie patch. As a health coach, Janneke adores helping people reach their wellness goals, find their energy and vitality, and discover their full health potential through good digestion. What inspires me? I absolutely love food and I have a passion for health and wellness. Is it possible for these loves to live together in harmony? Well absolutely! Food is medicine and we have these amazing tastebuds for a reason! I've always loved healthy food but becoming a mother has definitely made me pay more attention to nourishment. Studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition has taught me so much and I love creatively implementing what I've learned into my kitchen. I'm on a mission to create the most nourishing food I can but also make each meal enjoyable and ridiculously delicious. I love experimenting with traditional methods like fermentation and I'm intrigued with traditional diets and how if we can take a leaf out of our ancestors cookbooks we might be able to help our health issues today.


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