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15 Reasons to Get on the Green Smoothie Train

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Listen up!

If you are anything like me, you don’t have hours to spare, pouring over recipe books and the stove trying to come up with gourmet meals each day for you and your families!

This was something I really enjoyed when I had oodles of time to spare as a single flight attendant waiting for my next duty, especially when I didn’t have much else to do here in Saudi Arabia.

But now I am married with 2 under the age of 3, running a business, and a household, it’s just not viable to spend the same amount of time I used to on eating healthy. And I bet it’s not for you either?!

But that doesn’t mean OUR health has to go out the window!

I spend 1 day a week prepping family meals for the week ahead (more about that in a later post!) so that we only have 1 or 2 treat meals a week (usually on the weekend!) and so that I have more time to spend with my babies and work on my business too.

Of course sometimes as the mama, I get forgotten while looking after everyone else so lately I’ve gotten back on the green smoothie train.

Who can argue that eating more greens is a bad thing*?

Here’s 15 reasons why you should get on the Green Smoothie Train!

1. Great transition to raw/healthy foods!

2. You don’t have to make any other massive changes to you diet, but starting your day with a green smoothie can give you your daily allotment of fruit & veg.

3.. They’re the healthiest convenience food! I take my green smoothies out to run errands ALL the time!

4. They’re so dense and satisfying that they can be a meal replacer when you don’t have time to sit down and eat, potentially then ending up through drive though or grabbing a less desirable quick eat out of the cupboard (biscuits/cookies, crisps etc).

5. You can share them with your little ones and if you find the right recipe then they’ll ask for them all the time!!

6. So quick and easy to make. My green smoothie this morning took 5 mins max to make

7. You can make them sweet or savoury (blended salads/soups)

8. They give you soooo much energy and noooo guilt.

9. They last longer than juices, so you can pre make them and sip on them all day or take them to work in a flask

10. Clean up is E-A-S-Y!

11. Effortless weightloss and overall vitality

12. Are a complete food

13. reduce cravings for sugary and junk foods

14. Helps keep you regular as they are full of fibre, so will assist in eliminating toxins

15. if you diet is otherwise not the greatest, as least you know you have done something favourable for your health today.

If you’re still not convinced you’ll like sipping on something that looks a bit more like swamp juice, then here’s a great starter green smoothie recipe (that I’ve been sipping on for the last 3 days as we’ve been enjoying Badami mangoes from India.

Green Mango

2 mangoes, peeled

1 cup of pineapple (I use frozen but if you are using fresh then add 4 ice cubes)

half romaine/cos lettuce

1 cup of packed spinach

1 cup of water

Place all ingredients in blender until smooth. I prefer mine thick but you can add extra water as desired.

If mangoes aren’t in season where you are, then try this simple banana smoothie that was my first ever green smoothie!

Simple Green Smoothie

1 cup of packed baby spinach

1 banana

1 cup of water

Place all ingredients in blender until smooth.

Chocolate Monkey Milkshake

can use carob powder instead of cacao (which is raw cocoa)


If you want to come up with your own recipe check out this blog post I wrote on green smoothies here

*unless you are using spinach, swiss chard and beet greens  and have a thyroid issue as spinach has oxalic acid – you an use romaine/cos lettuce instead!

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